Current Projects

The Apollo of Bellac

By Jean Giraudoux, Translated by Maurice Valency

Directed by Andrew Coopman

FutureNow Festival, Hangar Theatre, Ithaca, NY

August 11-13, 2022

Jean Giraudoux’s THE APOLLO OF BELLAC is the story of Agnes, the French everywoman, who’s just looking for a job at the International Bureau of Inventions. However, after the chauvinist clerk refuses to let her see the Vice President, a mysterious human enters the office and teaches her the secret to controlling men — just call them “Handsome.” With Coopman’s vision helming the production, what ensues from this divine discovery is a comedic, queer tour de force exploring gender, the traditional ideals of beauty and breaking out of the boxes we are forced to occupy — and leads Agnes all the way to the President.

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Rodgers & Hammersteins



Direction by Desdemona Chiang

Associate Direction by Andrew Coopman

Village Theatre, WA

Issaquah: November 18 - December 23, 2022

Everett: January 6 - 29, 2023

Village Theatre welcomes back the pageantry and magic of Rodgers and Hammerstein with the bona fide fairy tale Cinderella. Whether your Cinderella was Julie Andrews, Lesley Ann Warren, or Brandy—revisit your childhood wonder with the classic songs “In My Own Little Corner,” “Do I Love You Because You’re Beautiful,” and “Impossible.” Perfect for the whole family, this sumptuous production will feature the best Northwest talent, amazing gowns, and some real (and literal) Village Theatre magic! 

The Magic School Bus:

Lost in the Solar System

Remount Direction & Choreography by Andrew Coopman

 Touring from TheatreWorksUSA, New York City, NY

Dates TBD

When the class gets lost on the way to the planetarium, Ms. Frizzle saves the day by blasting into outer space for an epic interplanetary field trip!  But when rivalries both old and new threaten to tear the students apart, our young heroes must learn to pull together or risk getting forever lost in the solar system. Hop on the Magic School Bus for a ride in this new musical adaptation based on the original book series published by Scholastic.


The Tarot Card Play


Directed, Conceived, and Written by Andrew Coopman

In Development with Strawdog Theatre, Chicago, IL

Workshop Reading in October 2022

Tarot Cards have mystified people from all walks for generations. Are they the Devil's Card Deck? Are they a Mystical Tool? Or are they just a deck of cards shuffled into a random orientation and order that we try to ascribe meaning to? In The Tarot Card Play, there is a scene behind every card, but which cards will be pulled tonight? And how do they answer the question on your mind? Come back again and again to see what the cards have to say to you tonight. 

...and then lightning struck

Written & Directed by Andrew Coopman

 Currently In Development with ARCUS Center at Kalamazoo College & Farmers Alley Theater.

Featuring Jerry Dixon as Bayard Rustin

Also featuring  Nick Dalton, Marissa Harrington, Hunter Harrington, Preston McKale, Trevor Stefanick, Dr. Quincy Thomas, Anthony Hamilton, & Gina Chimner

…and then lightning struck is inspired by the life of Civil Rights leader Bayard Rustin and his relationship with Walter Naegle. Though he is famous for his pacifism, Bayard Rustin lived a life of rebellion against societal and cultural expectations. Rustin, a man ousted from the Civil Rights Movement for being gay and ignored in the LGBTQ+ community for being black, is on a journey to create a world of “Angelic Troublemakers,” and his whole world shifts when he makes eye contact with a handsome young white man from New Jersey in Times Square.

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A Musical Scrapbook


By Stephen Schwartz

Directed by Andrew Coopman

Runway Theatre, Grapevine, TX

March 24 - April 9, 2023

Facing an empty nest with even emptier hearts, childhood sweethearts Sue and Dan can’t see a way forward in their marriage until their younger selves, through a lifetime of photos stored away in the attic, remind the couple of their love story, tattered by time. Award-winning composer, Stephen Schwartz plays with his well-known melodies (and a few lyrics!) from Wicked, Pippin, & Godspell to tell a new story; one of moments squandered and savored, memories ruined and revived…a lifetime lived in snapshots.

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A New Eco Musical

Music & Lyrics by G. Victoria Campbell

Book by Andrew Coopman

Arrangements by Joseph Purdue

TREESON is a new musical that explores our role in environmentalism and the future. Ash is just like any other person, she wants to make a difference in the world, but she doesn't know how. When her father, the owner of one of the largest logging companies, offers her the position to take over the company, Ash must decide what her future holds. Will she join the ranks with her father? Or will she join Tara, a local activist, in trying to save the world? TREESON is a contemporary pop musical with comedy, magic, and a question for all audience members: Will you play your part before it's too late?