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RE: Social/Divide

Directed & Devised by Andrew Coopman and in collaboration with the Performers

Produced by Cooperative Performance in Milwaukee, WI & The University of Washington School of Drama

RE: SOCIAL/DIVIDE is an interdisciplinary devised online performance piece deep-diving into social media, relative truth, and the relationships between them and us. 


From behind glass electronic screens, social media profiles, click-bait advertisements, alternative facts across the web, and complicated virtual conversations, the remaining staff of The Social Mag have a deadline to keep. The show follows their journey of finding connection, validation, and truth in an online world, and wrestle with the differences between perspective and experience, truth and fact, & manufactured and authentic.

I'm doing this

Writing Mentorship by Andrew Coopman
Devised, Created, and Written by the 2021-2022
        KIDSTAGE Originals Team
Directed by Jeremy Steckler

Show Synopsis: In the apartment building everyone knows too well is filled with people on the precipice of something great. Some are working on their next big hit or daring to ask that person they see in the elevator out on a date, or just creating new ways to make their customers happy. This interwoven narrative musical explores what it means to be human and on the cusp of greatness.

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