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An Eco-Musical

In the present-day, moody, Pacific Northwest, people go about their day like every other day, unaware of the environmental tragedies occurring around them. While some fight for the trees, others have come to accept there is no changing the status quo. Ash, heir to a logging empire, is at the center of it all and for them, life is easy. But when they are suddenly confronted with a life-changing decision, they are forced to reflect on their purpose in life: remain loyal to the firm, join the activists, or--carve a new path of their own. As Terra, the activists, and a mysterious, otherworldly chorus of elements guide them, they contemplate what their legacy will be. Tensions rise between the loggers and activists, local and global needs, and the present and future in this love story between humanity and Earth. Ash’s journey unfolds via a soaring soundtrack blending indigenous, Western and folk music, resulting in an Americana story which demonstrates how we each have the power to act to save the world. The question is… Will you play your part before it’s too late?

TREESON was conceived in April 2020 and has been in development for 2.5 years. Most recently, it was announced as a Eugene O’Neill Semi-finalist (2023) and received a truncated production at The Dairy Arts Center in Boulder, Colorado (August, 2022) produced by Parlando School of Musical Arts. 

...and then lightning struck

Written & Directed by Andrew Coopman

 Currently In Development

Featuring Jerry Dixon as Bayard Rustin

…and then lightning struck is inspired by the life of Civil Rights leader Bayard Rustin and his relationship with Walter Naegle. Though he is famous for his pacifism, Bayard Rustin lived a life of rebellion against societal and cultural expectations. Rustin, a man ousted from the Civil Rights Movement for being gay and ignored in the LGBTQ+ community for being black, is on a journey to create a world of “Angelic Troublemakers,” and his whole world shifts when he makes eye contact with a handsome young white man from New Jersey in Times Square.

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Currently In Development

Tarot Cards have mystified people from all walks for generations. Are they the Devil's Card Deck? Are they a Mystical Tool? Or are they just a deck of cards shuffled into a random orientation and order that we try to ascribe meaning to? In The Tarot Card Play, there is a scene behind every card, but which cards will be pulled tonight? And how do they answer the question on your mind? Come back again and again to see what the cards have to say to you tonight. 

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